How can we get the ORIENTAL certificate?
At the end of training course, all students will be tested.
If they pass the test, you can get the certificate, id card and ID & PWSSWORD to use
on our web-site at the end of the training course.

Where is the training located & how long will the training course take?

Our training course is held at the ORIENTAL PRECISION & ENGINEERING company in Busan, KOREA.
And the training period is 3 days.


What is the qualification for applying for our LSA training course & how can you apply to LSA training course?

You can apply to our training course on our web-site.
( Education/Inspection -> Application -> New agent/OPI agent )

* New agent ( If your company is not registered as a OPI agent,
please click on "New agent" and fill out your company details. )

* OPI agent ( If your company is already registered as a OPIagent,
please click on "OPI agent". )

In case of new agent, we accept or reject application and qualification based on
your company's documentation.

The application process is a closed process.

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